Scoring Touchdowns for the other side

Texas Representative Jeb Hensarling is supporting “an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican” in Dede Scozzafava, to quote Michelle Malkin, because Hensarling does not “want to lose this seat to Nancy Pelosi for a generation.”

Excuse me Rep. Hensarling, Nancy Pelosi is an abortion rights advocate who also supports gay marriage -- same with Dede Scozzafava.

Nancy Pelosi supports massive tax increases; Dede Scozzafava voted for the same six times in the New York Assembly.

Nancy Pelosi supports “card-check” legislation that arm twists workers into labor unions -- same with Dede Scozzafava.

Nancy Pelosi is supported by leftist blog Daily Kos -- same with Dede Scozzafava.

If Rep. Hensarling hasn’t caught on yet, I'm sure Nancy Pelosi has.

All she needs to do is put a wolf in lamb’s clothing, that is get a leftist to declare him or herself a “moderate” Republican, and not only will the National Republican Congressional Committee funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Republican National Committee into your wolf’s campaign, but you can also get Newt Gingrich to come out and endorse your Trojan horse as the type of principled leader the GOP needs.

The Democratic Party doesn't even need to suit up for the game anymore; they can just let Republicans score touchdowns for them.