Scientific study: McCain voters chemically castrated?

Hey guys! Did you vote for Senator John McCain (R-AZ) last November? If so, according to ABC News,

Men who supported McCain also reported feeling controlled and unhappy after the election.

That's understandable; their candidate lost, the winner espoused views that were mainly the opposite of McCain's; feeling helpless and controlled by others seems to be a perfectly normal reaction, unworthy of comment.

Ah but in addition, male McCain voters, in contrast to Obama voters

A new study shows the testosterone levels of men dropped sharply after the election if they voted for John McCain, while the testosterone levels of men who voted for Barack Obama stayed the same.

Hmmmm. ABC News did not reveal who did this study and how it was conducted. That's also understandable. But ABC News wants to selectively remedy that by inviting McCain voters to contact them, asking

How did you feel physically and mentally after the election?

And if you reply with the correct answer

A producer may contact you for more information.

Happy Obama voters with stable testosterone levels need not apply. Probably unhappy McCain voters with stable--or even increased--testosterone levels won't be contacted.

No info yet on the post election hormonal levels of McCain's and Obama's female voters. Discrimination?

This seemed so bizarre when I first came across it I thought it was a hoax, so I independently went to ABC's site and found it.  That seemed to confirm its authenticity so I wrote it up and sent it along. 

But nagging doubts remained so this morning I tried again; ABC now says this is unavailable.  Perhaps ABC has second thoughts or somebody hacked into their site. 

Further update from Ethel C Fenig:
OMG!  The report is true!  Thanks to helpful commenter Pete I found the new link.   

Here is the link for the scientific study

The new ABC link is a later report which is quite different from the original; it has more details on how the study was conducted but eliminates ABC's request for McCain voters to contact them.  Hmmmm. Interesting.