On with the Permanent Campaign!

While Obama dithers on major decisions he needs to make regarding Afghanistan, shoves off the Iran issue to others, outsources health care to Congress, and otherwise does very little other than vote present as President, there is one area that he devotes his time and energy towards: the permanent campaign.

Not only does he focus his travel to battleground states, but he also holds what may be a record for attending fundraising events at this point during a Presidency. Weren't we told that we were in a crisis? Yet Barack Obama has time to check out a Broadway show, walk the beaches of Martha's Vineyard, and during this time of dire need for many, he spends his time partying with the super-wealthy.

Tonight he will attend


a lavish Democratic Party fund-raising dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for about 200 big donors. Each donor is paying the legal maximum of $30,400 and is allowed to take a date.


That will be just one of two fundraisers he will attend tonight.


According to Mark Knoller of CBS this will bring to 22 the number of fundraisers he has done since taking office. President Bush did just six in his entire first year in office. Aren't the Republicans supposed to be the greedy, uncaring , insensitive people who try to buy elections - country be damned?

Bush took his duties far more seriously than Barack Obama.