ObamaCare and the art of distraction

It's a trick, and the citizens of this country are going to fall for it. It is not a new trick; magicians have used for hundreds of years. It's called sleight of hand -- one hand is the one we watch while the other (the one you don't watch) is the one doing the real trick or hiding the pea under the shell.

In the case of the healthcare bill, the "hand" we are watching is the public option and we are focused on it while the other hand we are not watching is the one that will fool us. While we are focused on the hand creating a big fuss and constant news about the public option, there is the entire health bill with all its really obnoxious ideas and costly provisions that is the "hand" we are not watching and is the one doing the active trick -- that is bringing health care under government control.

Ignore the public option debate; the provision will probably not happen. But the rest of that terrible bill will, like the magician's rabbit, be pulled out of the hat by the hand we are not watching. Be vigilant and don't let the magician fool you. Fight the entire bill, not the public option alone.

Hat tip: Urgent Agenda

Walt Bussey, a retired computer systems analyst, publishes The Lemming Watch blog.