Obama: Republicans 'Do what they're told'

During a fundraiser in New York Barack Obama let loose with probably the most laughable claim so far during his faltering presidency:

“Democrats are an opinionated bunch . . . y’all are thinking for yourselves. . . The other side [i.e. Republicans] . . . they just kinda, sometimes do what they’re told . . .”

Let’s see.  Democrats are an independent thinking, opinionated bunch while Republicans do what they’re told.  This is a strange claim in light of the White House’s recent attempt to isolate and stigmatize Fox News and conservative talk radio in order to protect liberal ideology.

In addition, Obama surely could not have been classifying the 95% of black Americans and the 75% of Jews who voted for him in the “opinionated bunch” category.   Most of us know in other words that the party of “diversity” is rather more likely to be populated by virulent true believers than by independent critical thinkers.

As for the GOP -- try telling those Tea Partiers to do what they’re told . . .