Obama has found his oppressor

Why would President Obama openly challenge the highest rated news channel in existence?   Obama's poll numbers are dropping, his policies are running into serious problems even though his own party has a super majority, and even his personal appeal has failed him.  Many in the media are scratching their heads trying to figure out why a sitting President would do something so foolish. 

The answer is simple.  Obama's stock and trade when he was a community organizer was peddling a victimization mentality that blames all manner of bogeymen but never looks at the culture of failure that created the conditions he railed against. For a every victim our community organizer needs an oppressor.  Finding an oppressor when you're the President of the most powerful country in the world isn't easy.  It appears President Obama has formerly decided that Fox News will be his oppressor and has sent out his aides to tell the world. Obama has decided to play role of the victim since he's been failing miserably with that whole "leadership thing".  
Playing the victim accomplishes a few things;

  1. Openly challenging FoxNews takes up a news cycle or two among the talking heads and serious issues won't be explored.  Every time the public starts to examine Obama policies closely the lower the President's poll numbers go, so, distractions are viewed as good for Obama and his policies.
  2. It plays to the storyline that the committed left lives by and believes.  This helps keep the leftist base active, which is important for a left of center President trying to govern in a center right country.
  3. Playing the victim absolves Obama of the responsibility among his supporters if things don't go his way.  If the public option doesn't make it into health care reform, you can bet it will be Foxnews' fault.  We saw similar rhetoric from the left in the lead up to the war in Iraq.
The American people expect the President to perform. Unlike Annenberg, the Illinois State Senate, and the US Senate, Obama will actually have to accomplish something by leading.  Obama forgets that his is the leader of a center right country, he's not in the leftpdominated  halls of academia anymore. Whining may score points with the base, but a vast majority of Americans prefer to choose not to be a victim, and as a country we don't like whiners.
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