Jim Jones and his worrisome ties

America's National Security Adviser Jim Jones over the weekend gave a pass to Iran, dismissing concerns that the regime had a nuclear arms program that was dangerously close to success. He stood by the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that was widely criticized as being grievously flawed when it stated that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program. That report was discredited two years ago but apparently Jones has his finger to the wind and changed his mind to suit his political patrons. But this shifting to suit politicians is par for the course for him -- he has also done it regarding Afghanistan

Might there be other reasons that Jones gives Iran the benefit of the doubt, despite its long history of killing Americans, lying about its nuclear program, defying UN Security Council resolutions, sponsoring terrorism around the world?

A bit of a biographical sketch might raise some qualms about his veracity and neutrality.

He certainly has a history that concerns the Israelis -- who would bear the brunt of an Iranian nuclear attack.

Condi Rice chose him to be the US security coordinator for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That ruffled feathers years ago in Israel because of his own record when he was the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Energy.

From Haaretz:

Israeli sources say that Jones is not a favorable choice because of his blatantly cool attitude to Israel.

They point to the fact that in his current position, he has sought to expand trade with Gulf States and has expressed opposition to American laws barring U.S. firms from joining the Arab boycott of Israel.

During this last role, which includes Israel in the group of 91 countries in the geographical area, Jones' cool attitude toward Israel was noteworthy compared to some of his predecessors, such as Alexander Haig and Wesley Clark.

He later wrote a report that was apparently scathing towards Israel regarding its actions in the West Bank. The report was shelved.

When he left the Bush administration he joined the boards of Boeing and Chevron-both with strong interests in currying favor with the oil rich Middle East nations.

He also joined the Atlantic Council, headed by former Senator Chuck Hagel-well-known for his anti-Israel attitudes and actions over the years. .

Coincidentally enough -- or maybe not so coincidentally -- the Vice-Chairman of the Atlantic Council is none other than Charles (Chas) Freeman, whose record on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the Chinese government is shameful. Also, Freeman has compiled his own record of anti-Israel actions and statements, that later manifested itself in anti-Semitic tirades about the Jewish lobby in America when he was compelled to pull his nomination for the Chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council.

Anyone have any qualms?