Jake Tapper: an ABC News Real Reporter

ABC News fields at least one real reporter. He’s White House correspondent Jake Tapper.

Most AT readers, like many Americans, are thoroughly convinced that the legacy media reports with a bias toward Obama and the policies of his administration. So, when a notable exception surfaces, it’s only right that he or she be acknowledged.

Jake Tapper has a front row seat at the White House (WH) briefings. He shows all the signs of being a for-real reporter. Here’s visual evidence of that.

Remember the cell phone irruption episode back on May 19th during one of Robert Gibbs’ press conferences before the WH press corps?  The key moments are captured in this video. Watch it, please, and ignore Gibbs playing the role of the good-natured big dog.  Instead, watch the reporter trying to ask a serious question and his non-verbal response as the circus unfolds. You may have to play it twice since he isn’t the focus of the camera. Read his body language. He looks like an adult among children. He smiles some, but doesn’t join in with the horselaughs from the press.  That’s Jake Tapper. He looks out of place.  He is out of place.

Yesterday, Tapper posted an article entitled “$160,000 Per Stimulus Job? White House Calls That 'Calculator Abuse'.”  Tapper writes like a real reporter. His style is clear, direct and factual. He’s a reporter - not a cheerleader.

Surrounded by colleagues with, collectively, less skill and more bias, Tapper consistently applies his trade representing…and this is the truly amazingly thing…ABC News.  Go figure.

May his tribe increase.

[Hat tip: Jake Tapper]