Health Care 'Reform' and Afghanistan: A Study in Obama's Priorities

Everything you need to know about Barack Obama is being revealed from his decisiveness and indecisiveness on the respective topics of health care and war.

On health care, Obama wanted a bill on his desk before Congress took its break back in August. No need to even read thousands of pages of bureaucracy-creating madness that would control people’s lives in a sensitive area, by the force of government. The health care system involves a large part of the economy and the numbers vary. But the truth is that government regulated health care would affect 100 percent of the economy. A trillion dollar tax burden will not magically pay for itself, as the Democrats say they believe. No, unintended consequences will follow and unsustainably burdening the taxpayer will affect every segment of the economy. Development, production and prosperity across the board will be stifled.

Obama has clearly stated that he wants a government run system and that’s all that matters. The democrats know that any centrally controlled “reform,” regardless of a “public option,” will place the camel’s nose under the tent. Forget about the details; just sign the damn bill yesterday!

But on the matter of war in Afghanistan we see a “deliberative,” “reflective,” and “contemplative” President Obama.

Speaking of August, that’s when his top general asked for 40 thousand more troops. McChrystal’s warning couldn’t have been made any clearer. In order to be effective in Obama’s “plan” of counter insurgency more troops were required pronto. Maybe McChrystal should have used Obama’s famous line: “Let me be clear,” unless we get more troops our service people will die unnecessarily.

But never mind that our young men and women are dying, Obama has a political dilemma. Even though Obama campaigned on the rhetoric that Iraq was the wrong war while Afghanistan was the right war, the Left wants our troops out of the right war.

Mr. Obama knows that Afghanistan could be his “Iraq.” Even though the news media will support him no matter what, if he doesn’t secure victory our military personnel will have died in vain. On the other hand, if he becomes a full-on war time president, his fellow leftists will turn on him.

October has been the deadliest month since the war in Afghanistan began with the deaths of 55 servicemen. Think it’s just coincidence that the U.S. death toll has increased severely after McChrystal’s warning to Obama?

I wonder what the reporting of the “mainstream” press would have looked like if George W. Bush had played golf and ignored warnings which resulted in an unprecedented number of American deaths?

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