Has Farrakhan Been Talking to Reverend Wright Again?

"The Earth can't take 6.5 billion people. We just can't feed that many. So what are you going to do? Kill as many as you can. We have to develop a science that kills them and makes it look as though they died from some disease,' Farrakhan said." (source)

Since President Obama has made it clear that there is almost no statement from him that is racist enough, anti-American enough or preposterous enough to cause him to denounce it, Louis Farrakhan feels free to continue to strain the bounds of credulity with racist theories that no reasonable person could entertain.  The Nation of Islam zealot's divisive remarks came at what was called a Holy Day of Atonement for his outfit, held on the 14th anniversary of the Half- Million Man March.  The well-hyped demonstration provided little benefit to the black community it purported to assist and remains the subject of controversy. Wikipedia notes:

 "Although the march won support and participation from a number of prominent African American leaders, its legacy is plagued by controversy over several issues. The leader of the march, Louis Farrakhan, is a highly contested figure whose biting commentary on race in America has led some to wonder whether the message of the march can successfully be disentangled from the controversial messenger.[4] Further, men and women alike question the decision to focus on black men to the exclusion of black women. Although women were involved in the planning and execution of the event, it is a male-only occasion in both name and public image that, some argue, could be detrimental to the already tenuous gender relations in the African American community.[5] Finally, within the first twenty-four hours following the March a conflict between March organizers and Park Service officials erupted over crowd size estimates. The National Park Service issued an estimate of about 400,000 attendees[6], a number significantly lower than March organizers had hoped for.[7] After a heated exchange between leaders of the march and Park Service, ABC-TV funded researchers at Boston University who estimated the crowd size to be 837,000 plus or minus 20%."

It truly sounds as though Farrakhan has been talking with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright again.  The Reverend Wright provided the "Prayer for Hope" listed in the program of events for the March. Clearly the two black spiritual leaders are as inextricably linked to one another as they are linked in turn to Barack Obama.  I was unable to find a text of Wright's MMM speech in my research, but you can bet it was filled with the tub-thumping theatrics we have come to expect from Obama's long-time pastor. Note that this clip includes Wright's suggestion that the HIV virus was designed to kill people as well:  blacks in particular. Seems to be a theme here.

As part of the Atonement Farrakhan sought to generate from his followers, he included the following disclaimer regarding President Obama:

"Farrakhan told listeners not to become complacent as a result of Barack Obama's election as the United States' first black president, the newspaper said.

'You have to understand that he was voted in to take on the affairs of a nation, not yours and mine. He is the American president, not the black president.'" (ibid)

This is not a particularly ringing endorsement of Obama.  One would expect a strong American president to condemn the dangerous lies being offered by his demagogic former associates.  But then we don't have a strong American president.  We have Barack Obama.

Ralph Alter blogs at Right on Target