Halloween Health Scare

Halloween is the perfect time of year for the Democrats in Washington to attempt to play benefactor to beggars.  This year, while contemplating the acquisition of power liberals are taking a 2,000 year old Celtic holiday to a whole new level by raising a health care bill, complete with a public option, from the dead.  On All Souls Day the “…malevolent spirits” returning from the grave “…creating trouble and mischief,” are none other than liberals in the U.S. House of Representatives.
This year autumnal celebrations come complete skeletons, black cats and a Saxon Wica named Nancy Pelosi.  Flying high on the broomstick she normally uses to vault into her seat in the House Chambers, Pelosi can be heard cackling with delight over a plan that “…creates a government-run health insurance program, [which] requires employers to offer coverage to their workers and imposes a new tax on the wealthiest Americans.”
Like a decomposing pumpkin, the health care bill has become the new fangled Jack O Lantern--a desperado so foul neither hallowed Conservatives, nor a minority of irreverent Democrats want anything to do with it.  Nevertheless, a determined coven of Democrats, together with Barry, Harry and Nancy continue to commemorate the legislation with sooty, old candles providing luminosity to a bill with a hollow interior.
The first step in the process to change Halloween into a feast where tricks are received as treats was to make ghouls and demons out of capitalism. Barry, Harry and Nancy skulked around for months in dark, misty graveyards digging six-foot holes with words.  Graves now beckon evil insurance companies, iniquitous physicians who cut off feet for money, depraved small business owners who don’t provide health insurance to employees and degenerate Republicans who want people to “die quickly. ”
The continuous dirge of propaganda alarmed many Americans into believing the evil spirits of death and sickness can be assuaged solely by government entitlements for health care.  This was a spooky campaign whose goal was to deter unsolicited objections from Americans accepting a health care proposal that might as well be laden with needles or laced like a Pixie Stix with cyanide.

In turn, liberals have packaged up little orange and black health care goody bags and are in the process of attempting to distribute them with firm instructions to refrain from peeking. To prevent the U.S. House of Representatives from being decorated with 1,990 rolls of toilet paper or showered with 166 cartons of eggs, liberals must hold off Americans as long as possible from scrutinizing the contents.

It’s after dragging home a satchel full of health care “freebies,” that the hard truth will reveal the actual cost of what was fallaciously promoted as free.

In addition to penalties, taxation, diminished access, lower quality health care, and surtaxes on the wealthy, fees on medical-devices and drug makers as well as insurers. Among other things, the Senate Finance bill “establishes a formula, that penalizes hospitals for high Medicare spending per beneficiary (Section 2001, p. 643). That may save money, but a California study suggests it will cost lives.” The trick is the high price for the treats Democrats plan to hand out add up to over $2 trillion dollars and do not bode well for either the elderly or infirm.

Americans need to shock the bejesus out of the Democrats. It’s time to dress up for Halloween and “…frighten away spirits looking for bodies and homes to possess.” The hope of scaring off liberals can be accomplished by wrapping ourselves in stars and stripes, adhering to Constitutional first principles and applying prayer--all of which would produce a death knell to the health care proposal similar to knocking three times.

The next time Nancy takes to the steps of the Capitol in an attempt to scam the public into believing the health care bills “…principal mechanism is creation of a new government-regulated insurance ‘exchange’ where private companies would sell policies in competition with the government.”  Someone with a bullhorn needs to let the political priestess and her creepy flying monkeys know that Obama is correct; a “critical milestone” has been reached.  This Halloween America refuses to be tricked by governmental goody bags stuffed to overflowing with Dum-Dum Pops.