Fifty-seven percent want a public option?

Based on the reporting (cheerleading) of the press one might think that health care “reform” is a ballot initiative set for an upcoming public vote. Like everything to do with Obama it’s turning into one big popularity contest based on sound bites. If only the public could vote on the matter.

The Democrats have super majorities in Congress and don’t need a single Republican vote to pass their fast track to socialism. Why then all the polling and coverage to prove that people agree with Obama? Mr. Obama and his media want the perception that the Democrats are giving the people what they want. And under the cover of feigned public support, Obama can more easily ram health care “reform” down our throat without full public scrutiny -- or C-Span exposure, as he promised during the pre-election campaign.

If not for the summer protests we just might have been duped into believing the public wants ObamaCare.

We’ve seen two very different poll results in just a matter of days. The headline currently being splashed about is from the recent Washington Post/ABC poll revealing that “57% back public option.” The dirty little secret to framing it as though the public largely supports the “public option” is the question used to get the result:

8. Would you support or oppose having the government create a new health insurance plan to compete with private health insurance plans? Do you feel that way strongly or somewhat?

The question is entirely confusing. First, the words, “public option,” are not used. It took a while for the public to understand that “public option” really means government run option. So to now refer to it as “a new health insurance plan to compete” is very misleading. “What is the pollster talking about?” is what the interviewee likely asked himself before giving an answer. A new health insurance plan? That will compete with private insurance plans? Sound great!

But, of course, the government doesn’t have to compete -- it has an unlimited well containing our tax money. In fact, the CBO research shows just the opposite is true. A public option would force people away from private plans and into the public option (or “new health insurance plans”); for the sole reason that private companies cannot compete with the money pit of non-profit government-run “plans.”

I believe question number 6 of the Washington Post/ABC Poll is telling with regard to where the public really stands and to the confusing nature of question number 8 (the “public option” question). Here is question 6:

6. Overall, given what you know about them, would you say you support or oppose the proposed changes to the health care system being developed by (Congress) and (the Obama administration)? Do you feel that way strongly or somewhat?

The results to that question are 48 percent net oppose to 45 percent net support. Forty-eight percent net oppose and 36 percent strongly oppose ObamaCare.

The results are internally conflicting, yet Obama’s main-dream news media won’t get into those embarrassing details.

A recent Rasmussen poll is probably more dependable on the issues. The results reveal that 54 percent are opposed to Obama’s health care