Feelgood polling news for the antique media

Morale is really low in newsrooms all across the country, as the public increasingly distrusts and decreasingly patronizes the corrupt left wing media outlets, which dominate the newspaper, magazine, and broadcast television industries. So, it's time to cheer up those gloomy liberals with some artfully designed polling. The Pew Center obliges:

... most Americans continue to support the so-called "watchdog role" for the press. In fact, the percentage of Americans saying that press criticism of political leaders keeps them "from doing things that should not be done" is nearly as high now -- at 62% -- as it was in Pew Research's first poll in 1985 (67%) when views of the news media were far less negative than they are today.

Yes, those good ol' media folks are keeping them honest. Why, I am grateful to the media for exposing Van Jones and ACORN to us, most recently. I guess I think some of the media continue to do a good job. But not many of the venerable institutions of the past.

The antique media have all but abdicated their role as watchdogs of liberals. But you can be sure that in these troubled times, they are glad to define themselves as crusaders supported by the public. Helps with the gnawing fear of the future.

Hat tip: David Paulin