Axelrod defends Copenhagen disaster: 'It's the world's loss'

Speaking on the semiofficial Obama news channel MSNBC, David Axelrod manifests the unbearable hubris and arrogance of the White House team. Politico reports:

"I am proud of this president for going to make the case for this country," he said on MSNBC. "Anytime you're going to make the case for the United States of America, you're doing the right thing." [...]

"I think it was well worth the investment of time and I have no regrets about that and I know [Obama] doesn't."

Later on CNN:

"It's the world's loss."

It's the world's loss? Recall, Obama believes that no nation is superior to any other.

I am sure the world community is going to appreciate that condescending insult. How petulant and foolish! Arrogance from an American president does not sit well overseas, no matter how wonderful the establishment American media think he is.

I suppose losing the prospect of all that graft and swag for his pals has upset Axelrod. How is that a way to treat our "allies" around the world? What will the nation that wins the Olympics feel like now? They have disgruntled whiny administration American officials unhappy that they won.