Anniversary of Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon missing something

On Friday, October 23, 2009, the 26th anniversary of the terrorist attack on a US Marine barracks in Beirut, which slaughtered 241 US Armed Forces service personnel protecting Lebanon, President Barack Obama (D) issued a brief commemorative statement calling it "a horrific attack" and a "senseless tragedy" concluding

In remembering this terrible day of loss, we are at the same time hopeful that a new government in Lebanon will soon be formed. We look forward to working with a Lebanese government that works actively to promote stability in the region and prosperity for its people."

Middle East analyst Barry Rubin called the declaration "disturbing" noting

No one is named for involvement in that "horrific terrorist attack." And, of course the attack was not "senseless" but part of an Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah campaign to take over Lebanon and drive U.S. influence out of the region. In fact, it was counted as a great victory for these forces since it showed America's vulnerability to being hit by terrorism--an inspiration for September 11?--and did succeed in paralyzing the U.S. effort in Lebanon. Ultimately, this lead to the withdrawal of the peace-keeping forces altogether, paving the way for Syria's turning Lebanon into a satellite state for two decades at a great financial and strategic profit.


It is bad enough the administration doesn't say any of this. Is it aware of these factors at all?Indeed, the president's advisor on terrorism is on record as saying that Hizballah is no longer a terrorist group, which opens the door for U.S. contacts in future.

Commenting on the statement's final sentences, which is also extremely disturbing because, he explains

While negotiations are complex and ongoing, the government being discussed for Lebanon would include a large contingent of Hizballah cabinet ministers and would give Hizballah veto power over government decisions.Now it could be argued that this would not constitute, in U.S. eyes, a government promoting stability and prosperity. But who knows? Without even naming Hizballah as an adversary, however, the implication is that the United States does not oppose a government including Hizballah, which is one more step to having such a government.


But...but...these appeasing statements were exactly what attracted the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee to Barack Obama.

Hizballah is a terrorist organization? No problem. After Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama talks to them and their like minded buddies he will charm them into peace.

So who killed them?

Hizballah. Syria. Palestinians. Iran. Say them, President Obama, say them.

PS: After I wrote this, Colonel Timothy J. Geraghty, one of the commanders of the Marine force in Beirut, wrote an op-ed in the New York Post pointing out that the current and previous Iranian defense minister were involved in the attack: Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar (defense minister, 2005-2009) was head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps force in Lebanon and in charge of carrying out the attack while his successor, General Ahmad Vahidi, was involved in planning the attack.

Iran. Syria. Hizballah. Palestinians.