A Stupid RINO trick in NY23 race

If you thought the anointed Republican candidate in NY23 was a typical RINO who supports health care reform. cap and trade, and card check, you would be mistaken.

Dede Scozzafava is not a typical RINO. She is a stupid RINO and proved it yesterday by holding a campaign event outside the offices of her conservative rival Doug Hoffman - only to discover that if you are going to try something like that, best not show how dumb you are by facing a battery of cameras.

To wit:

(Hat Tip: Washington Independent)

Note the signs in the background and the well behaved Hoffman supporters. And if you listen to her words juxtaposed with the Hoffman signs, the impression left is one of a totally clueless candidate.

Might I suggest that Dede bring a few more supporters to her next stupid RINO appearance?