Yale Law School and Why Van Jones went There

During the Anita Hill hearings after a series of implausible witnesses all of whom were black Yale law school graduates, Juan Williams wrote in the Washington Post that he could now understand the wisdom of the saying that Yale law school had ruined more good black minds  than crack. I have found that to be an accurate observation and have always been grateful to Juan for having brought that to my attention.
Obama's communist "green czar" lays out why this is so:

"I had a professor who encouraged me to apply to Harvard and Yale [for law school], which was almost unheard of for students coming from the kind of public schools that I was coming from in the rural South. I was accepted to both places, and decided to go to Yale because Yale didn't have any grades and was smaller than Harvard. I figured, once I enroll I'm guaranteed to graduate, so I can just go and be a radical hellraiser student, and they can't do anything about it. Which is pretty much what happened."

Hat tip: Kristenn Free Republic


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