Who's the racist now?

Govenor David Paterson has soundly rejected President Obama's bewildering attempt to remove him from New York's political scene, stating he fully intends to be remain a candidate for governor of New York against the wishes of our Meddler-in-Chief.

So, based on the new paradigm that all those who disagree with Obama are racially motivated, should  David Paterson now be considered a racist for going against the president's wishes?  Or is Obama the racist for attempting to force a standing African-American Governor to abandon his candidacy? 

Oh, and please don't insult us by arguing that Obama's decision is based strictly on Paterson's horrendous poll numbers.  If that were the case he would have abandoned his push for nationalized health care by now.

Now, do you see what happens when an illogical and unfair standard is established as precedent?  Eventually those who set that standard will have to face up to it.

So which is it folks?  Based on this twisted logic, it has to be one or the other.

Bill Zwerger
Camillus, NY
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