Where's the outrage?

ACORN continues employ a white worker who committed the same offense as several former minority employees who have been fired,  yet the cries of "racism!" are non-existent

The latest ACORN employee to join the ranks of the unemployed is Juan Carlos Vera, the Mexican employee from the most recent video filmed in San Diego. Vera was fired for obvious reasons. Not only did he provide assistance for O'Keefe and Giles's proposed plight, he seemed rather eager to get in on the action himself.  While his actions are indefensible, I can't see anything he did that Tresa Kaelke in San Bernadino didn't do.

The striking contrast between her situation and those of Vera and her other former colleagues is that not only has she managed to retain her job, her conduct was defended. The organization tried to convince us that she was "just playing along" despite all the evidence to the contrary, but the conduct of the minority employees involved has been labeled "unacceptable" and they lost their jobs as a result.

So again I ask; why are we hearing crickets on this particular angle of the ongoing takedown of the liberal criminal enterprise?

Perhaps it is because only conservatives engage in acts of racism, and it is in fact only racism if it is called out and confirmed by Jimmy Carter, Bill Cosby, and anyone else with a liberal mindset.

Somehow we should believe it is just magically coincidental that what Kaelke is has had no effect in preventing her from becoming what the others rightfully are; unemployed.

J.C. Arenas is a frequent contributor to American Thinker and welcomes your comments at jcarenas.com