Van Jones Resigns as Obama's Green Jobs Czar

Just in time for the Sunday morning shows, the MSNBC reports as follows:

BREAKING NEWS: Van Jones resigns as Obama environmental adviser over controversial statements...

Finally, MSNBC recognizes Van Jones. I guess this particular story simply could not be ignored. Expect World and Olympic record-setting spin today as the MSM will no doubt cite that "the embattled Van Jones, persecuted by Glenn Beck and the entire Fox News team reluctantly tendered his resignation yesterday. Jones, an environmental expert with unparalleled credentials was heard to say in parting, Republicans are a**h****."

In reporting the story, I wonder if ANYONE in the MSM will acknowledge Jones' radical views. Either way, the Sunday shows should offer treat after treat for conservatives of all stripes.
No time for conservatives to rest on this victory. Jones' resignation taken with other events this past week may signal something of a turning point in the Obama Marxist juggernaut, but the work is barely started. With  15 months till the next election, conservatives still have a lot to lose so complacency is not an option.

Fox News is also reporting the resignation.  Raise one for the good guys....then back to work.