The Kamikaze media

John Nolte, in an exceptional piece for Big Hollywood, explains why this is no longer the dinosaur media, it's the kamikaze media, an industry so desirous of promoting Obama and his leftist agenda that is has shredded utterly its credibility and utility:

"Yesterday the anchor of a major network (ABC) consciously chose to try and look like an imbecile rather than have to answer why he wasn't covering what so far ranks as the biggest story/scandal of the year.  And I say "try and look like an imbecile" because the ruse didn't work. You, me and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows he wasn't telling the truth about not knowing anything about the ACORN scandal. The Manhattan/Cocktail Party Bubble is immune to many things - humility, tolerance - but we're supposed to believe a network news anchor went two or three days without hearing ACORN was fired by the U.S. Census Bureau?
Of course, we're not supposed to believe that. "Incredulous" doesn't begin to describe the nonsense that came out of Gibson's mouth. But fear makes you do stupid things, and short of wetting his pants, Gibson proved that.

The Palace Guards are ... terrified.

The Palace Guards know full well how the "narrative" works and each of the stories they've ignored at crippling expense to their own integrity and relevance represents what terrifies them most ... a string that could unravel The Whole Thing.{snip}

So you bet they're terrified. And who can blame them?  If you were an ideologue willing to sell your legacy as a journalist down the river for a first love named Bloated Government you'd be terrified too.

And we should stop referring to them as the "Dinosaur Media." That misses an important point. The dinosaurs didn't extinguish themselves. They were victims of meteors or Flintstone-made global warming or something.

This is the Kamikaze Media."