Ten Thousand Clerks

"I do not rule Russia. Ten thousand clerks do."
Czar Nicholas I

A few months back President Obama began to hire czars (personal clerks) to get around Congress; to own the Legislative Branch; he was going to do what was best for America because he was so smart.  Brilliant.  A star.  Everyone said so.
The odd thing is that on January 20, 2009 Barack Obama could have owned the Congress of the United States if he possessed just a modicum of political instincts.  But the President's action over the past 200 days seem to show a man who doesn't really possess political instincts.  He is smooth.  He appears likable.  But what has he accomplished politically?  He did not pass the stimulus last spring, Nancy Pelosi did.  In fact, President Obama really has yet to personally accomplish anything positive in the political realm.  I mean, he has apologized for Americas "sins" loudly and often.  He has bowed, scraped and kowtowed to Cubans, Venezuelans, Russians, Arabs, Chinese, Turks, Germans, and Scots, among others, - and what did those actions earn him, and us, besides blistering contempt all around?
In truth, as Donkey sez in Shrek I,

"Nobody likes a suck up."

The truth is that for 200 days Barack Obama has fumbled and bumbled, both domestically and overseas, from one situation to the next - sort of a Jimmy Carter for the new Millennium.  And like Jimmy Carter, President Obama appears to be a man without a plan at the head of an administration adrift in a sea of secular piety.  
And all the grown-ups in the room know it to be true.
Today's "Problem du Jour" is a case in point: President Obama hired Van Jones to run a $30,000,000,000 "Green" program. The problem is Mr. Jones - the "Green Czar" - is a self-avowed communist who spews racist diatribes.  Oh, and he is a 911 Truther as well.  And not one mainstream news source has spoken out on this issue.

The President has hired another 34 czars for the American people to investigate.  
It should be an interesting few months.

Jimmy Reynolds is an artist who lives and works on the Eastern Shore of Maryland