Teenage girl who feared honor killing for converting to stay in Florida

The tale of Rifqa Bary, who claims she ran away from her immigrant Muslim family's home in Ohio to Florida because she feared her parents would kill her because she converted to Christianity from Islam continues.

Her parents want her home, claiming they love her and never would harm her; that this is a case of a teenager running away from home after an argument with her parents. Bary claims otherwise and wants to remain in Florida. Yesterday a judge in Florida sealed the state investigative report and decided she could remain in Florida as a ward of the state, living with a foster family. Rene Stutzman and Amy L. Edwards of the Orlando Sentinel report on the latest decisions.

-- Should the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) report that clears her parents be released to the public? Dawson's answer: No. At least not for 10 days.

-- Should he appoint another attorney for the teenager? Answer: No, she already has three.

-- Should he issue a gag order banning attorneys from talking about the case? Answer: Yes.

-- Is it proper for the girl to continue to receive visits from the adult children of the Orlando pastors who took her in and kept her whereabouts secret from her parents and authorities for two weeks? Answer: Yes. (snip)

This is a painful case for all sides. Certainly her parents are filled with sadness and anguish because their daughter--as (adolescent) children tend to do--rejected their teachings and deeply held beliefs while adopting another set that is against what they have taught her. That is understandable. Would they have killed her as Rifqa claims? It is a common occurrence in the parent's native country; it has happened here several times.

The judge decided not to take a chance; for now she remains in Florida.