Taking American Jobs

Engage any liberal in conversation about illegal immigration and it won't be long before you hear this Democrat talking point, "Well, they're only filling jobs that Americans refuse to take anyway." That claim has become holy writ among the leftist supporters of open borders and it has always been held suspect by those of us who wish to see an ordered, systematic immigration program that does indeed meet our country's labor needs.

Now comes a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, published in USA Today which shows, surprise, surprise, that ICE raids do in fact result in increased employment by Americans. The report further shows what many of us on the anti-illegal side of the argument have long maintained, that illegals not only take jobs that Americans would, in fact, work but they also hold down wage levels. Their presence also results in poorer working conditions because business owners know that illegals are not likely to complain to authorities about unsanitary or hazardous working conditions.

The only downside to all this new information, substantiating what many of us have long been contending, is that the American workers are much more likely to unionize and the unions are moving quickly to take advantage of the situation.
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