Sign of theTimes: Tens of millions of dollars for signs to tout Obama stimulus

Barbara Boxer may be the most clueless pol in Washington:

"Why on earth would you want to hide from the American people the fact that the recovery package we passed is putting people to work?" asked Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, who took the lead in defending the expenditure. She said stimulus spending is beginning to improve the economy and charged that Republicans and Democrats who voted to strip out the funds are angry about that success.

Democrats "angry" about the success of their own stimulus? Never mind. Here's Judd Gregg to inject a little sanity in the debate:

But Sen. Judd Gregg, the New Hampshire Republican who tried to excise the funds, called his amendment a no-brainer. He said it's common sense to get rid of tens of millions of dollars in spending.

"These are self-congratulatory signs; they're political signs. They're so that lawmakers can pat themselves on the back," he said. "But these signs cost money. Actually, when you add them all up, they cost a lot of money."

Some localities have objected to the signs, arguing that they would rather spend the money on more projects. But Mr. Gregg said one community in New Hampshire was told no sign, no money for their original project.

"We do enough self-congratulating around here. They shouldn't make the taxpayers pay for it," he said.

Senator Gregg may be one of the only sane politicians in that loony bin of a senate but that won't stop Democrats from pushing their current "stick it to the taxpayer" agenda. The combination of stupidity and arrogance coupled with a disdain for the average voter's pocketbook may yet be their undoing.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky