Obama's Labor Day message

Just in time for Labor Day, President Barack Obama's (D) promises a "Labor Day and Fair Rewards for Hard Work:"

With Labor Day approaching, the President commits to rebuilding the economy so that a lifetime of hard work leads to a comfortable retirement, and explains his proposal to help to get there.

Meanwhile unemployment continues to climb--oh right, that's the fault of former President George W. Bush (R)--and stimulus, shovel ready projects aren't being shoveled. Meanwhile, cash dependent auto dealers are still waiting for their government cash for taking clunkers. They are staring once again at empty showrooms, firing sales personnel but staying up at night filling out the 25 page intricately worded government forms for their clunker government rebate and new clunker free car owners listen incredulously as their accountants tell them, oh by the way, your clunker discount is taxable.
And oh yes, as far as fair rewards for hard work--the government will probably not renew the tax deductions set to expire in just a few months beginning in 2010 so your "lifetime of hard work" is seized by the government leading to a comfortable retirement for government bureaucrats paid for by your higher taxes.

So enjoy Labor Day! It is your fair reward for hard work.