Mothers Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Blue Devils

Not content with the mess they created when the university threw innocent lacrosse team players to the wolves following a manifestly false accusation of group rape, Duke university has now instituted a policy for handling rape charges manifestly unfair to the accused.

KC Johnson whose work in defense of the lacrosse team was outstanding, has exposed this outrage as well oin his site, Durham in Wonderland.
Three Duke University students were the victims of the highest-profile fraudulent rape claim in modern American history. That fact alone should make the University particularly sensitive to the dangers of false rape allegations, and the need for a firm commitment to due process in handling any allegation of sexual misconduct.

But Duke administrators seem to worry not about violating the due process of rights of their students but instead about running afoul of politically correct campus ideologues. So, starting this semester, the University has adopted a new "sexual misconduct" policy-a policy that even some Duke administrators fear will lead to an increase in false rape claims against Duke students.

h/t: Just One Minute

At this point when even the opprobrium it received and the reportedly large sums of money the university was forced to pay out to settle claims against it for its conduct in the lynching of its own students isn't enough to get the university to weigh fair play about political correctness, it's time for male students to abandon the institution and alumni to withhold their contributions.

Repeated violations of male students' right to due process  merits such responses.