Keeping Andrew Sullivan on the team

Here's a very interesting case which should be called to mind whenever you see Andrew glossing over Obama's many imperfections and tossing rose petals in his path.

Sullivan was caught with a controlled substance on federal parkland in Massachusetts.

He was charged and the U.S. Attorney moved to dismiss the case against him, indicating it might create problems for Sullivan's pending immigration application.

The magistrate insisted on a hearing, asserting this amounted to discriminatory enforcement.  In the end, noting that the law was unclear about his authority to compel the U.S. Attorney to proceed with the case, he allowed the case to be dismissed, observing along the way that the immigration argument was ridiculous, that Sullivan has to disclose the arrest to the INS whether or not the U.S. Attorney dropped the case to assist his petition.

Whether or not Sullivan discloses this to his readers, you now know he owes this Administration. Gawker has more.

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