Good news about the coming ice age

OMG! Say it isn't so!!! What is Al Gore to do? According to Andrew C. Revkin of the New York Times

Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age

The human-driven buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere appears to have ended a millenniums-long slide toward cooler summer temperatures in the Arctic, the authors of a new study report.

Scientists familiar with the work, to be published Friday in the journal Science, said it provides fresh evidence that human activity is not only warming the globe, particularly the Arctic, but could even fend off what had been presumed to be an inevitable descent into a new ice age over the next several dozen millenniums.

But...but... what will happen to the poor polar bears, condemned to live out their lives on ever shrinking ice floes? Oh wait, I've seen polar bears in the zoos during the summer and they seem perfectly happy splashing around the cold pools, climbing the rocks to doze in the sunshine. And just think of all the carbon emissions that won't be polluting the atmosphere because people will not be spewing them into the air to heat their homes. And they won't have to kill polar bears for their warm fur to ward off the cold in an Ice Age.

The situation seems like a win, win one for everyone. Everyone that is except Al Gore, Michael Moore and all the other unscientific minds who invented the non crisis in the first place.