Get ready for massive unilateral disarmament

President Barack Obama has ordered the Pentagon to map out "radical cuts" in America's nuclear arsenal.

Yes - "radical."

His plan, according to Julian Borger of the liberal Guardian newspaper:

Obama has rejected the Pentagon's first draft of the "nuclear posture review" as being too timid, and has called for a range of more far-reaching options consistent with his goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether, according to European officials.

Those options include:

• Reconfiguring the US nuclear force to allow for an arsenal measured in hundreds rather than thousands of deployed strategic warheads.

• Redrafting nuclear doctrine to narrow the range of conditions under which the US would use nuclear weapons.

• Exploring ways of guaranteeing the future reliability of nuclear weapons without testing or producing a new generation of warheads.

The review is due to be completed by the end of this year, and European officials say the outcome is not yet clear. But one official said: "Obama is now driving this process. He is saying these are the president's weapons, and he wants to look again at the doctrine and their role."

The move comes as Obama prepares to take the rare step of chairing a watershed session of the UN security council on Thursday. It is aimed at winning consensus on a new grand bargain: exchanging more radical disarmament by nuclear powers in return for wider global efforts to prevent further proliferation.

Seems I recall someone getting all hot under the collar about George Bush rejecting the advice of his generals in the Pentagon about the Iraq War. But that couldn't have been Obama could it?

The 40 year liberal fantasy of ridding the world of nukes by the US making massive, unilateral cuts in our forces to show our "good will" is about to be realized.

No doubt, this is hugely amusing in capitols like Moscow and Beijing, not to mention nations like North Korea and Iran. Their attitude must be, "Hey! If those stupid, naive Americans want to commit national suicide, let them."

Let's see how many adjectives we can come up with to describe Obama's unilateral disarmament policies:


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