From Messiah to Clown

As Barack Obama prepares to address grammar and preschoolers on September 8th in an effort to propagandize the little tykes, isn’t it clear that the Obama/Axelrod team’s strategy is taking a page right out of Ronald McDonald’s/Wendy’s fast food chain’s playbooks?

Sell the impressionable little kids on your plan/product so that they will annoy their parents into acquiescence. The fundamental problem for Obama/Axelrod is different than in that of McDonald’s/Wendy’s whose products actually taste good. The American people are having a tough time swallowing the intrusive Marxist ideology behind ObamaCare.

Posing the Wendy’s question of 1984: "Where’s the Beef?”

Isn’t that the problem? American’s realize that there isn’t any beef, just the same tired, rancid rotten socialism of the past seventy-five years.