Feinstein's 'Pearl Harbor' for California Farmers

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has told us numerous times over the years that she's "deeply disturbed." For those who thought she was just referring to her concerns about issues, think again.

Unless you can explain what in blazes "Pearl Harbor" has to do with her vote against restoring water to farms in California's Central Valley, which has become a dust bowl, banish all doubt. The woman is just plain "deeply disturbed." Here's a video clip "explaining" her vote:

California's other "
deeply disturbed" senator, Barbara "don't call me ma'am," Boxer also voted for the two-inch "delta smelt" bait fish and against the bankrupt farmers and unemployed farm workers.

California has its own "Bermuda Triangle": Pelosi-Feinstein-Boxer-where sanity disappears in the depths of leftist ideology.
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