Down the memory hole: Democrat poor manners during presidential speeches

While I agree with the content of Rep Joe Wilson's (R-SC) shout out "You lie" during President Barack Obama's (D) speech to Congress and the nation about his changes to health care insurance I still disagree with the context in which he said it.

But Wilson wasn't the first to behave in this fashion. Unfortunately there is a well entrenched Democrat precedent for Wilson's behavior, as Instapundit reminds us. This was especially noticeable during President George W. Bush's (R) presidency so perhaps Wilson felt he was just following established Congressional protocol. The Dems booed Bush several times during his 2005 State of the Union address and Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) called Bush a liar for which he later apologized. This of course does not excuse the adult version of the childish, "he hit me, but he hit me first" excuses. But once again, it does make the Democrat self righteous huff and puff response to Wilson very hollow.

Especially repellant, as an Instapundit reader noted,

a lot of Democrats and MSM journalists (same thing, I know) who suddenly have the vapors over Joe Wilson's breach of decorum thought it was just dandy when an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at President Bush. Sure, the journalist wasn't a Congressman; and sure, a press conference isn't the same as the SOTU. But that journalist became a folk hero to a lot of folks on the Angry Left - I think you actually could become a Fan of his on Facebook. The point is that lefties loved Sticking It To The Man when Chimpy McHitler was president, but now they're prissily toting around copies of Robert's Rules of Order.

But then, interrupting and even fighting is common in many parliaments, including what we think of as the normally restrained British House of Commons. But do we really want to be like them?