Chicago Olympics prospects dealt blow by Obama

Obama screwed Chicago yesterday, saying Michelle would lead the US delegation in Copenhagen the day Olympic bid is decided for 2016 games on October 2. He used the excuse of work on health care reform.

Some speculate he will fly in at last moment and create an even bigger  buzz. But if he does not show, I think Chicago loses, a real kick in the rear to Daley, who has done much for him (starting with gift of Axelrod in 2004 senate campaign).

I do not believe Chicago could lose if he were there, and  looked delegates in the eye, and asked them to vote for Chicago. Other countries' leaders, not spouses, are showing up:  Japan, Brazil and Spain. Putin and Tony Blair showed up to seal the deal for London (2012), and Russian Winter Games (2014). 

The stimulus package would have been great way to help Chicago's bid -- talk about shovel ready projects! Other countries get national allocation for capital costs if they win, and provide guarantees all costs will be covered.  The US does not, hence Daley will have to rely on near-bankrupt city to pay bills private money fails to cover. 
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