ACORN staffer offers Mexican contacts to smuggle sex slaves

Drip by devastating drip, reel by incredible reel, day by day, Andrew Breitbart releases his ACORN expose videos. Today's ACORNbuster concerns the ever so helpful professional ACORN staff in San Diego, California. Near the porous border with Mexico, an ACORN employee helpfully exclaims, "I have a lot of contacts in Tijuana" when told of his prospective clients business plan of smuggling in underage illegal immigrants for prostitution.

Perhaps ACORN CEO Lewis should consider shutting down her organization forever instead of just a few days. And returning the government money. That would be so much more helpful to ACORN's clientele--and the taxpayers who fund them--who have been victimized by the organization since it began. And if she won't do it, maybe the government finally can do it.

I can dream, can't I?