Trust Fund Teddy

Writing in the American Spectator, Daniel Flynn sums up the "lion of the Senate" with this eulogy . Although Ted Kennedy (D-MA) did some good, it is a bracing corrective to the teary eyed, skewed romanticism put forth by the mostly Kennedy loving liberal press that naturally follows a painful demise of one of their own.

Insulated by the consequences of his behavior, Kennedy was also shielded from the consequences of his policies. He was the champion of busing who kept his own children far from the public schools; an advocate of publicly funded campaigns who bankrolled his political career with his family's shadowy financing; an icon of feminists who used women like Kleenex, serially harassed members of the opposite sex, and spent ten hours attempting to rescue his political career as he denied the young women suffocating in an air pocket in his Oldsmobile professional rescue attempts; and the primary booster of socialized medicine who assembled a dream team of neurosurgeons to consult on his treatment for brain cancer. The proverbial limousine liberal was made real in Trustfund Ted.

Not to mention paying someone to take his college Spanish final which got him kicked out of Harvard, passing an immigration bill that has greatly increased welfare and social costs, conducting traitorous negotiations with Soviet Russia behind the duly elected President Reagan's back, and of course his poisonous "In Robert Bork's America" speech which has warped the Supreme Court nomination process.

And speaking of trust funds--just where is the Kennedy wealth incorporated? And how much inheritance tax will his heirs have to pay? Was this taken care of well prior to his expected death in the same way Kennedy took care to change the law to guarantee a friendly successor?

Just asking.