Ties that bind: Iran-Hezb'allah

Confirming that Iranian terrorist tentacles extend well beyond its borders, Dr. Rueven Erlich of Israel's Intelligence and Information Center highlights "two rare statements about Iran-Hezbollah relations" from two powerful people; one within Iran from an advisor to the powerful religious leader co-governing Iran, the other with Hezbollah, (party of god), the terrorist organization based in southern Lebanon that is helping destroy the once peaceful diverse country of Muslims and Christians. (The few Jews fled.)

In a rare admission, on July 25 Ali Akbar Velayati , advisor to the Supreme Leader Khamenei, told Al-Jazeera TV that Iran gave Hezbollah and Hamas full, comprehensive support, and that without it they would not have "won" the second Lebanon war and Operation Cast Lead. He said that ""we fully supported Hezbollah and took responsibility for Hamas during the [Israeli] attack [Operation Cast Lead] on the Gaza Strip. I can tell you with complete sincerity that Iran fully and comprehensively supported Hezbollah, and Hezbollah feels indebted to the [Iranian] leadership. Of course, the leadership of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah is extraordinary. He always said that without Iranian support they would not have won [the second Lebanon war]. Some of the resistance of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is [possible] thanks to Iranian aid and support . The resistance in Bosnia was also supported by Iran and all that happened under the leadership of the Ayatollah Khamenei. Iran under the supreme leader, with his determined stance, stands shoulder to shoulder with all those factions of the resistance which support the Palestinians."

Returning the compliment, when questioned about their relationship, Hezbollah's deputy secretary general in Lebanon, Sheikh Naim Qassem, replied

Hezbollah was a Shi'ite "political-religious party" which had to receive political and religious [Muslim] legitimacy from the [Iranian] leadership. He added that as a party, Hezbollah regarded the Imam Khomeini as a "guardian jurist" and a leader providing the organization with legitimacy. He added that after Khomeini, the Imam Khamenei , was the one who " decides general guidelines for us, which free us from blame and give us legitimacy ."

Both of them despise America. So where is there room for an American-Iranian engagement that President Obama (D) is so eager to promote? Not much; basically not there.

Peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors including Lebanon? Nil, even if the Americans dream of sacrificing Israel for its engagement with Iran. For that won't be peace.