Setting the style - extra toes and all

Esteemed editor Thomas Lifson asked "How many toes do you see,?" on  Michelle Obama. Well, I gotta admit, this is one thing about her I don't know, or care to know. Her toes are her own business and she certainly has the freedom and right granted in the Constitution to expose all 10 to 12 of them wearing sandals or going barefoot.

If, however, she does have a(n) extra toe(s) and isn't happy about it I'm sure surplus toe removal will be covered under ObamaCare . And/or as a former $300,000 a year hospital administrator, coincidentally hired when her husband first became a state legislator, I'm sure she also knows how to set up a tax deductible charitable foundation to aid the excessively toed. 

However, speaking of Michelle's casual wear, the Boston Herald reports that a boutique owner in affluent Martha's Vineyard, breathlessly anticipating the arrival of their high profile vacationing guests, created a window display asking

"What Would Michelle Do?" window featuring activities and fashion choices for the fashionable first lady's Vineyard holiday.

Today, in honor of the first family's arrival, "Cocktails At Five" was checked off on the Obamas' To-Do list, accompanied by a stunning, emerald-green Jax satin shift. In true Michelle fashion, the dress is sleeveless.

Other activities on the first lady's faux vacation plan include "In Town Shopping," "Clamming" and "Ladies Tea."

Why did the owner create the display?

Culkins said the first lady's celebrated style has thrown fashionistas into a frenzy.

"At the trade shows this year everyone was talking about it," she said. "She has very modern, almost everyday taste, so you could see her in a pair of clam-diggers." (snip)

Culkins said the whole island is suffering from Obama-mania as the president and family begin their Vineyard holiday.

So the frenzied fashionista herds of dependent minds that slavishly follow Mrs./Ms. Obama by imitating her will probably purchase similar clothing. And if she does have an extra toe or two, eager to resemble her even further, they will certainly demand that toe enhancement surgery be declared a necessity and thus included in ObamaCare.

The independent folks in Crawford, Texas, secure in their identity, knew how to create their own style, as did Laura Bush. No need to slavishly imitate one person. But of course the MSM couldn't notice that.

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