Obama's 'reality check' - Not!

While the Democrats are ranting and raving about the temerity, the gall, the arrogance, the chutzpah of people questioning--and disagreeing with--their own elected representatives about health care (insurance) "reform," dismissing them as a wild, blank minded mob obediently obeying their wealthy puppet masters, it seems they are the ones who are trying to control a blank minded mob obediently obeying their wealthy puppet masters.

In addition to calling the questioners derisive names, in addition to using their vast resources to e mail, twitter, fax and facebook their many followers whose names they cleverly obtained urging them to turn out at Town Halls, to report on their acquaintances' "fishy" information, President Barack Obama (D) and his vast staff have begun to use the power and prestige of the Presidency and Congress to get what they want. With unlimited funds, thanks to everyone's tax $$$, the White House has set up a website, called Health Insurance Reform Reality Check. "Get the facts about the stability and security you get from health insurance reform" headlines the site.

Now here is a reality check: the vast majority of the members of Congress haven't even read the proposed thousands of pages of the bill, let alone passed it. But all the people babbling on the videos provided at the site, all the links confidently state all the wonderful results of this bill once it is passed.

Now you tell me, who is the mindless mob controlled by a vast wealthy organization?