Obama's Potemkin Village town halls

People should realize now that to our arch-narcissist, the whole world is literally a stage. The campaign to package him as a celebrity (the images, the photo-ops); the Denver stadium coronation; the planted questions and questioners; the gushing, adoring young; the hip, cool imagery.

Unfortunately, the man cannot even learn his lines. Hence the tethering to the teleprompter. The man was sold to the American people and now the bill is coming due. Many are experiencing buyer’s remorse. People are objecting to his plans to nationalize health care and saddle us with trillions of dollars of even more taxes.

What to do ? Send the man, not the plan, on tour.

Now comes news that even his “town halls” are nothing more than Potemkin villages, partisan campaign rallies staged to appear to be citizens’ meetings.

From the Washington Times:

The most insufferable moment of the "town-hall" meeting was when 13-year-old Julia Hall from Malden, Mass., read a question from a card about seeing "a lot of signs outside saying mean things about reform in health care." Pundit Michelle Malkin dubbed young Julia a "kiddie human shield." It's a sad commentary on the health care debate that the president has to resort to this kind of stunt to attempt to insulate his plan from criticism.

In the 18th century, Russian Field Marshall Grigory Potemkin constructed elaborate villages to impress Empress Catherine II with the territory he had conquered. The villages were fake, comprised of nothing more than fancy facades on the front of empty shells. In today's health care debate, a chanting crowd of cherry-picked supporters is the Potemkin-village version of a town-hall meeting.