Obama throws Eastern Europe under the bus

We knew and feared this was coming. Obama kissed Putin's behind on his European campaign extravaganza and threw our Eastern Allies under the bus (back when that business with Georgia was blowing up) and now it's all but official. From IBD:

The U.S. has abandoned plans to install a missile defense system in Europe, according to a report. If true, this is a major strategic error that will have serious consequences for our allies in Europe and for us.

Quoting a U.S. source, the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza says the Obama administration has decided against building a missile shield to protect Poland and the Czech Republic. The reason? Russian opposition.

Now, if we want to build a defense system for friends in Europe, we'll have to place it in the Balkans, Israel or somewhere else. That is, if Russia approves.

This is a stark reversal of past policy and reneges on promises made by the current administration. Worse, it shows weakness. We got into a staredown with the Russian bear and we blinked.

This is the treaty that Condi Rice and President Bush worked out. This is what our wonderful allies Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Czech, Slovenia all wanted so desperately... NOW they again fear that they are looking down the guns and tanks of Russia storming back and crushing them... it is so tragic. The spirit of economic and social and political recovery in those countries was so powerful when I was there winter before last...  now this... America has turned its back on them (via Obama). 
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