Now There You Go Again -- More Whoppers from Obama

President Obama has assembled another whopper meal for those who still hunger for more baloney and believe he will not tell a lie.  His latest installment in the chaotic galaxy of his contradictory assertions is a virtual chain of the same tired and monotonous half-truths and falsehoods, linked by folksy wee-wee, and sprinkled with the "I" pronoun.   The President has already demonstrated that he is utterly ignorant of the facts of medical care.  It actually makes you wonder if he has really read the bill himself.

He begins by stating that insurance costs have increased much faster than wages, ignoring the fact that most health insurance is provided by employers and it is tax-free wages, in the form of an employee benefit, and that the reason so many are losing their insurance right now is the unemployment aggravated by Obama's economic failures.

So he wants to control the rising costs by taking over the whole industry, and already projecting increased costs of a trillion dollars and government projections of costs are notoriously and invariably low.  The government always cuts costs by spending more of our money. 

"Illegal immigrants won't get health coverage."  While the legislation does not explicitly say they will, Obama has already declared that the next agenda item is immigration reform, after which there will be no more illegal immigrants, if he has his way. 

He claims, "...coverage for abortions would be mandated under reform. Also false."  The bill does not exclude payment for abortions, and the sponsors specifically defeated amendments that would have prohibited it,  Obama has already declared that he believes that "reproductive healthcare" is basic to healthcare, and the bill would allow the government to define "healthcare".  So do you believe him when he says "no", or when he says "yes", to the same question.  The answer depends on whether its and odd day or an even day. 

"We know what a failure to act would bring: More of the same."  More of the same best healthcare in the world, that is. 

No reasonable person, especially practicing physicians that deal with its frustrations every day, would argue that we should "fail to deal with the flaws in the system".  There's no question that modifications to our existing laws, especially increasing insurance competition, encouraging continuous coverages to eliminate pre-existing conditions, guaranteed renew ability and disability premium protections.  None of these ideas are new concepts to an insurance industry unencumbered by burdensome regulations (many of which were lobbied for to decrease competition, by the companies themselves).

Many very constructive ideas have been rejected or ignored, in the rush by a  wildly liberal Democrat-controlled Congress, to push through the channel to the progressive dream of a government-controlled healthcare system,

The healthcare system of the United States is a hugely complex and multi-faceted industry that produces 17% of our gross domestic product.  We develop and export medical technology and pharmaceuticals to many other countries.  Our government should avoid trying to make revolutionary and sweeiping changes with inevitable unintended consequences.   When you have to eat an elephant, you do it one bite at a time. 
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