National Enquirer scoops NY Times - again

While the New York Times was wasting its money digging up non scandalous information about Sarah Palin in Alaska, it missed a story more or less under their computers and thus was scooped by...The National Enquirer on a real scandal.

Yes, vice president and president wannabe, John Edwards (D), worried about two Americas, was part of the America where men were having an affair with one of their employees while pretending to be happily married.

Once again, for some reason, the Enquirer has somehow scooped all the major news media by breathlessly reporting that yes indeed, he is the father of his ex-mistress' child--not one of his buddies who Edwards paid to take the rap for him.

Yes, the two Americas that Edwards whined about has expanded--one where children grow up in two parent homes and one, where children are raised by a single parent, usually the mother, because of an absentee parent, usually the father. Edwards is the latter.

And Edwards' latest child might join her older half siblings as part of the second America--an America where one parent is incarcerated. With charges of violating campaign finance laws, that's where he might end up.

And to think all the major news media couldn't find this out.

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