Krugman chokes on his own 'brilliance'

Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize for Economics last year so Paul Krugman must be very smart and know a lot about economics right?  Well. . .

Paul Krugman is undoubtedly very smart.  Paul Krugman also undoubtedly knows quite a bit about economics.  But. . .he just doesn't know how to apply it, to separate facts from his wishes.   

In his columns at the New York Times and other outlets he constantly flogs the joys of the Canadian health care system.  As a participant on a panel recently, spouting once again on the superiority of  Canadian health care, he asked the Canadians to raise their hands.  Seven went up.  Confidently and smugly he then asked them how many think Canada has a bad health care system?  Whoops!  Most of the Canadian hands shot up!   "Bad move on my part!"   

No, Nobel Prize for Economics winner Paul Krugman, propagandizing for a system you don't experience is the bad move.  Not letting facts get in the way of your theories is the bad move.  And doing so impedes fixing some of the admitted flaws in our system.