Is Glenn Beck Allowed to Believe Obama is a Racist?

“Glenn Beck Loses Advertisers Over ‘Racist’ Remark,” is the news headline the left is relishing in. The animation over Beck’s remarks in stating that he believes President Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people,” is a little curious on a couple of counts.

First, normally when you hear of someone having made a racist remark the remark contains a form of derision from which one might conclude that the person is a racist. For example, in 1984 when Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies,” many concluded that Jackson was a racist. If Jackson had stated that he believed a particular Jewish person was a racist, no one would have concluded that Jackson was a racist or had made “racist remarks.” The subject of his remark would have been examined to see whether Jackson’s opinion was true.

In the instant matter, though the press frames it as Glenn Beck having made a “racist remark,” Beck, in fact was stating his belief that a specific person, namely, Barack Obama, is a racist.

Apparently, we are supposed to feign shock over Beck holding the presumably honest opinion that Obama is a racist. Or are we supposed to be outraged that anyone would dare believe that The One is a racist? Or is the political climate such that a conservative, or libertarian in Beck’s case, is not allowed to believe a liberal is a racist? Or may he not believe that a black, biracial person or other minority is a racist?

I don’t know why anyone would be shocked over discovering that a libertarian political commentator believes that Barack Obama is a racist. The fact of Obama having attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years is enough, in itself, for someone to form the belief. Now, if you think that Beck’s opinion is outlandish consider that many believe Obama’s membership at Trinity for 20 years exceeds Beck’s outlandishness.

And, of course, there is so much more than Obama’s having been schooled for 20 years in the concept of the “white folks’ greed,” as being the source of what ails the world. Though President Obama is a Melchizedek of sorts inasmuch as he appeared out of nowhere with a puzzling history, not all the records of his past have been concealed. There is a lot out there from which to piece together a worldview. The list of examples is beyond the scope of this little post; the point is that Beck’s belief that Obama holds a hidden disdain for white people should not come as a news headline shocker.

Of course, the far left wishes to make some hay over the matter and ultimately would like to turn Beck’s cameras off permanently. I just hope we have not reached the place in which the media have so much invested in the post-racial image of Obama that no one is allowed to question the narrative.

I guess the public is supposed to ignore everything that conflicts with the narrative, including the fact that a truly post-racial person would not reflexively accuse a white police officer of “acting stupidly.” Unless, of course, Obama viewed Sergeant Crowley, in the Gates matter, as a “typical white person.”

I wonder if the advertisers of the Barack Obama Show, the so-called mainstream press, will ever stop sponsoring their controversial opinion commentator?