Ice choking the Northwest Passage

Warmist doctrine has it that the Northwest passage (through Arctic waters to reach the North Pacific from the North Atlantic) should be clear sailing anytime now.  In fact, according to the Ottawa Citizen:

... the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center is predicting another near-record meltdown by the end of this year's summer thaw.

Unfortunately for them, reality is not cooperating. The Ottawa Citizen report also tells us:

In both the wider, deep-water northern corridor and the narrower, shallower southern branches of the passage, the Canadian Ice Service says pockets of more extensive winter freezing and concentrations of thicker, older ice at several key "choke points" are complicating ship travel.

Maybe this is a just temporary anomaly. I am not certain about the downside of a clearing of the Northwest Passage. This is something to worry about?

In any event, warmists need to be held accountable when their predictions of doom fail to materialize.

Hat tip: Bryan Demko
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