Firing up the leftist base

I've been watching the media onslaught aimed at these townhall protesters, and now think I understand why we saw a huge pickup in coverage on the birth certificate controversy over the last 2 weeks.  Media Matters and other 527s, like Moveon, send daily communiqués to left-leaning media with their issues highlighted, and talking points suggested. 

Clearly, they decided to hype attention to the birthers over the past couple of weeks, so that they could now use them to try to discredit other legitimate protest, especially that occurring over the health care takeover.  Since Obama has declared this the centerpiece of his domestic agenda, that it will destroy his presidency if it doesn't pass, and since his poll figures have dropped dramatically (as have Congress'), they are getting desperate on this.

Obviously, the White House is pulling out all the stops.  Obama has now a
sked in an email for masses of counterdemonstrators from his Org for America list of 13 million email accounts.  The last time they asked for people to sign up to personally demonstrate and knock on doors, not much happened. So, it appears that instructions went out to drum up coverage of the birthers and townhall anger, partly as a way of getting his own troops fired up again and willing to take to the streets on his behalf. 

If people think they're going to get their way anyway, what's the use protesting.  So, they had to convince Obama diehards that it's not going to happen without them taking to the streets.

The key for Dems now is to gin up the anger on their side. And they know the best way is to put out all this "it's them (powers and principalities of big insurance companies, fascists, lobbyists, etc. -- never real people)" against "us," the always, every time, good guys, who only want what's best for everyone.  If they don't convince their troops to get out and fight, then they know this is over.