Call center medicine

Hey President Barack  Obama (D), here is one way to keep down health care costs; have patients with swine flu symptoms telephone a call center staffed by untrained adolescents who are authorized to prescribe anti flu medications. And best of all, everything is "free" for the patient because the government covers all the costs. Oh sure, a few cases might be misdiagnosed and some might die but hey, it is affordable for the patient and accessible to all.

Sounds bizarre you say? Well, not really for that's exactly what is happening in the socialized land of medical care, England, reports Chris Brooke of England's Daily Mail.

A bereaved father, whose 16 year old daughter was misdiagnosed with swine flu but really had tonsillitis, which ultimately killed her, had this to say about his campaign to ban medical care by call centers.

'I am not putting blame on the doctors because they follow instructions from the Government, which says not to see swine flu victims.

'This is a breach of our human rights. The Government is restricting us from going to the doctor.'

Apparently under socialized medicine, government restricts patients from going to the doctor for certain diseases. If the teen ager had quick access to a doctor her condition would have been diagnosed and treated properly. She probably would still be alive--even if it meant removal of her tonsils that the present U.S. president think s American doctors perform to earn extra money. Or perhaps the doctor would have prescribed the necessary antibiotics instead of an unnecessary medication.

Other English patients have also died from call center misdiagnoses and/or wrong treatments.

The grief stricken father, who started this campaign as a memorial to his daughter, sums up

'The Government has blood on its hands.


'We have got to go back to old-fashioned doctoring.

And that means seeing a doctor at minimum. Which apparently is difficult under free, socialized medicine.