Barack Obama, laughingstock

It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly, middle-of-the-roader.

Via Tammy Bruce,  Atlas Shrugged and Newsbusters (three terrific conservative sites) and Bedlam Magazine (an arts site) comes news of a poster spreading across Los Angeles, depicting Obama as a Heath Ledger Joker, and carrying the caption "Socialist."

Obama the Joker

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters includes pictures of the actual posters in use:

Joker posters

There will be more of this. Count on it. Obama's cool image is so 2008. It's a long way down from lowering the oceans to laughingstock.

Hat tip: Charles Ahner
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