Astroturfers offered $10-15 an hour to demonstrate for Dems

After I recovered from my outrage over the false accusations of town hall astroturfing by Obama opponents, I became a bit optimistic. Now that the Dems have introduced the term themselves, it opens the door to serious examination of their own deep background in astroturfing. Obama's political Svengali and top White House aide David Axelrod, after all, openly provided astroturfing services to corporations and politicians alike.

Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light discovered a treasure trove of information about HCAN - Health Care for America Now.


Astroturfers are being offered $10-15 an hour to demonstrate as Dem astroturfers!

And if we are going to decry town hall meeting demonstrators, how about the highly organized stalking of Members of Congress in 2007 organized by many of the same folks behind HCAN?
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